Monsanto According To Monsanto

February 10, 2009

Monsanto Blog

Welcome to the premier posting for Monsanto’s new blog Monsanto According to Monsanto. This blog will address issues related to Monsanto, our business, and technology in agriculture.

The title Monsanto According to Monsanto is a spoof of The World According to Monsanto, a horribly biased documentary which portrays Monsanto in a very negative light. Aside from the shoddy journalism, we at Monsanto found it incredibly arrogant that the filmmaker would present her own twisted view of Monsanto as the company’s view of the world.

Unfortunately there’s no shortage of people, particularly on the internet, who have taken it upon themselves to speak about Monsanto – what the company is, what it does, and why. Many of these folks have their own agendas. If anyone should speak to Monsanto’s vision of the world, it’s those of us who come to work here every day and collectively make this company what it is. This is the main reason for this blog.

Several individuals from Monsanto will be posting to this blog. People here are passionate about what we do and feel strongly that Monsanto and our efforts contribute a lot to agriculture and to the world in general. That’s often hard to get across in typical corporate communications and we’re hoping that this blog will offer a more personal view of Monsanto.

Monsanto has a fair number of critics. Technology in agriculture is an emotional topic and there are organizations or individuals who generally oppose modern agriculture or biotechnology. This blog will be used on a rather frequent basis to respond to criticism leveled against Monsanto and the use of technology in agriculture. On occasion we’ll use the blog to levy some criticism ourselves. We expect that some of these postings will generate controversy. Creating controversy isn’t the intention of this blog, but it’s inevitable. Hopefully it will be constructive and whatever discussion spawned will increase the reader’s understanding of various issues, Monsanto, and the perspective of those of us who work here.

There will be a section where readers can provide comments on individual blog postings. Comments are an excellent way to stimulate discussion and we hope that comments will be made with this goal in mind. Comments will be moderated. Negative and critical comments will be approved, although we will not allow postings which use profanity or are threatening. We will respond to comments only when doing so provides clarification on a particular point or topic.

We hope you enjoy this blog. More importantly, we hope it provides you with a better understanding of Monsanto, and what we are about.

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3 Responses to “Monsanto According To Monsanto”

  1. Michael W Says:

    DDT, PCB,s Agent orange, Dioxins, Saccharine, Nutra sweet etc…You’re just going to write those off? Pretend they don’t, didn’t exist and hide behind your wall of lies that claims it’s just a lot of bad biased press? Add up how many people you have disfigured, injured maimed or outright killed

    “Unfortunately there’s no shortage of people, particularly on the internet, who have taken it upon themselves to speak about Monsanto”

    You want the internet to just go away would be my guess then you could just bury this stuff away and no one would be the wiser. Are you thick or something? Of course people are going to speak out on the internet…It’s the only voice they have against the evil you do! You can try and sway me to your side and I’ll tell you with no doubt in my mind based on your track record historically, that 50 years from now, humanity and this planet will realize without question, Though far to late, that you people should have been put out of business and prosecuted years ago. Your total lack of respect for humanity and this planet Disgust me!

  2. Brad Says:

    No, we don’t want to the intenet to go away, as evidenced by our participation here.

    We do wish however, that those who post online would pay more attention to fact checking, strive for objectivity and clearly differentiate between opinion, and concrete information.

    We do see a need to ensure that all the relevant viewpoints and information exist on the internet, which is why this blog exists.

    I disagree (very strongly) that the internet is the only voice people have. For people with sound arguments, based on factual information, there are multiple venues by which their voices can be heard. Do you vote? Do you let your elected officials know of your concerns? Do you hold them accountable for addressing them? Participation in government is by far the most important and effective voice people have in a democracy.

    This blog is not an attempt to sway your, or anyones, opinion. This blog is an attempt to provide Monsanto’s side of the story, so that rationale people who think critically will have information necessary to form an informed opinion – a critical component of an effective democracy.

  3. Monsantander Says:

    I’ve seen “The World According to Monsanto” yesterday and after that “Patent for a Pig” and I’m not hating Monsanto at all.

    I’m impressed by the rapid growth of Monsanto and the innovative technologies it developed.


    (People of) Monsanto, be careful with what you do in terms of BioTech/GenTech!
    It won’t cost you too much extra money when being extra careful plus it will get your products approved more quickly and prevents future happenings like e.g. the PCB incident!

    What about doing some collaborative work with extern scientist to develop new methods?

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