Mr. Monsanto

February 23, 2009



Recently, a few blog authors have written posts about Monsanto employees visiting their site. Some have even affectionately nicknamed the Monsanto visitor, “Mr. Monsanto”. If they knew the full circumstances of the visit however, they probably wouldn’t be as keyed up.

At Monsanto, we have incredibly smart and hardworking individuals that focus on researching what is being said about Monsanto. Being one of those people, I work every day to see what news is being released, and what social media sites such as blogs and YouTube are saying about the company.

We learn a lot about the online conversation by going to search engines such as Google News and Google Blog Search. Doing so provides us a link to any blogs mentioning Monsanto and we click through to read the information. No blog is too big or small, we read all of them.

What kind of successful company could operate completely oblivious to what the public is saying about them? We would be foolish not to see what positive and negative things were being said about the company or our products. We take pride in the work we do every day and want to know what others think about us. In fact, it may not even be me that checked the blog. There are over 20,000 employees worldwide that have as much pride as I do in the company they work for and could be checking up on what is being written as well.

Which leads me to ask, why all the fuss over Monsanto being curious about what you have to say? If you have issues with us, the company should be aware. I would venture to guess the majority of these bloggers have looked at Monsanto’s Website, and if you haven’t, at least check out this section to answer any questions you may have about what you may read in blogs. We are simply doing our job. However, I do look forward to seeing my nickname in blog postings.

So please remember, we are not specifically seeking out your blog, we are simply searching for what is being said about our company, which is just good corporate responsibility. I would think most bloggers would be excited to see that Monsanto is interested in what they have to say, not accusing us of being “big brother”.

Oh, and one more thing, that is MS. Monsanto to you.

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10 Responses to “Mr. Monsanto”

  1. Steve Mays Says:

    Kudos on the new blog. You guys clearly grok blogging and there’s clearly a human pounding the keys.

    I’m a little fuzzy on other bloggers being nervous (?) when you cruise their site. They want you to listen to what they say, right? What better way than reading and linking to their blogs.

    I’ve got you in my news reader.

  2. Andy Vance Says:

    You can browse our blogs anytime Kathleen! Keep up the great work in the new media universe!

  3. Perc Blakeney Says:

    No it’s not any of the other 20,000 Monsanto employees, Kathleen.
    The open source intelligence gathering is being done by only one Monsanto IP address as far as I can tell from speaking to the other bloggers I know, and no Australian blogger appears ‘fussed’ by the fact that a biotech multinational is reading their particular blog either.
    In fact I think you will find that the blog you have linked to in your post is actually laughing at this constant monitoring.
    Is that what really irks you perhaps?

    • Kathleen Says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Perc. Actually, Monsanto employees are all under the same IP address whether we are checking from offices in St. Louis or Singapore or anywhere in between! I should have made that clear.

      Also, like I said, I enjoy seeing my nickname on the blog, and of course I know its a joke! It’s just as funny for me too.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Shaun Haney Says:

    I find it hilarious that someone would be irked that a large company is monitoring what they are saying. I think that for some people it is just cool to talk about “big bad Monsanto.” Give it up people. Ms. Mopnsanto please visit my blog anytime you feel like monitoring what I am saying about you.

  5. John S. Says:

    Just curious, do the individual posts on this blog by Monsanto employees have to be read and approved by Monsanto uppers before publication or can anyone at Monsanto start any topic and write anything they want – even negative comments about their own company? Are the topics or talking points dictated (‘cuse, I mean “suggested”) beforehand Fox News style? Be honest now…

    • Kathleen Says:

      Hi John,

      Any posts we write are our own ideas and our own thoughts. We don’t have any policy against employees criticizing the company. Like most companies, as long as its constructive criticism, I can’t imagine Monsanto would object to it.

  6. John S. Says:

    “Constructive criticism” huh?. Okayyy.

  7. Peter Lynch Says:

    Kathleen –
    I enjoyed reading about your work. I too am always interested in Monsanto press.

    Attached is a link to a site I often visit – AgTalk.

    It is farmers providing farmers advice on field related topics: Fertilizer, weed control, tillage, etc. etc. etc. Field related topics … not ag equipment or general ag related issues – there is a different site for that.

    Often message threads develop around seed issues and Monsanto nearly always is mentioned. Sometime the thread is specifically related to Monsanto’s presence in the world of seed. This might be a place for you to look, if you don’t already visit it. I don’t post there, but do find it informative.

  8. Stephanie Says:

    You are awesome. If people didn’t want Monsanto or whatever company they’re blogging/writing about to see what they’re writing, why put it up in the first place?

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