Changes for the Better

August 31, 2009

Six months ago, Monsanto According to Monsanto set out to be a blog focused solely on issues related to Monsanto . The reason to start such a blog? Often times we need to set the record straight on a number of different topics, from labeling to HR 875. We addressed the big topics and had some great conversations in the comments section.

Starting now, you’ll still find myths debunked and misconceptions set straight in this space – and you’ll also see more focus on the positive things going on at Monsanto, as well as in the fields of agriculture and biotechnology as a whole.

You may have noticed some subtle changes to the site, and some more noticeable ones will be implemented soon.

  • The layout will be more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate.
  • We have a new comment policy, which you can find here. Any comments not on topic with the post will not be allowed. In previous comment threads, the discussion was off topic and people would ask the same questions on multiple posts.
  • The comment section will now be closed after a month in order to maintain a fresh conversation.

I have also listened to your suggestions and made some changes.  For example, you’ll notice that our bloggers will now have their photos , instead of avatars, displayed with their posts.

I am always looking forward to feedback from readers. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me at Monsanto.Blog(at)

Thank you for reading.

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