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September 1, 2009

Some of the Farm Progress tweeps at the tweetup today in the Country Financial tent

Twitter users stop for a photo during the tweetup today

One of the great things about Farm Progress has been the opportunity to put faces to many of the names I see online so often. During my time working the Social Media booth this morning, and then at an event later in the afternoon, I was pleased to meet a few people that I follow and @reply on a regular basis.

Twitter has been a great way to connect individuals with the same interests, especially when it comes to agriculture. The platform has been instrumental in bringing together a group that in the past year has become pretty close knit. This group of people, including myself and Monsanto employees, come from all walks of ag life; media, corporations, farmers, and farm organizations, among other places.  Each Tuesday  we tweet for 2 hours to talk about different subjects in agriculture  on #agchat, on top of the time spent communicating during other parts of the day.   The funny part is, most of the people I talk to so frequently online are people I had never met before face to face. Until today.

@jacksonfarms @agriblogger and @cornguy catching up at today's tweetup

@jacksonfarms @agriblogger and @cornguy

@hellocountry was gracious enough to host an #agchat “tweetup” for all of the ag twitter folks who were at Farm Progress today. What is a “tweetup” you ask? It is a meetup of twitter folks, and an opportunity for people who connect online to meet in person. It was so great to speak face to face with so many of the people I had gotten to know through their tweets, twitpics and the stories they told. We traded social media advice, talked about the show, and some of the everyday dealings in conventional agriculture.

To follow along with all the tweets at Farm Progress, use the hash tag #FPS09

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  1. hellocountry Says:

    Thanks for coming to the tweetup! It was great to meet you!

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