Tyne’s Boots Were Made for Travelin’

October 1, 2009

By Tyne Morgan

Tyne Morgan

It’s my favorite time of year. The leaves are changing colors and painting a beautiful picture on my frequent drives across Missouri. I love to see houses all dolled up with pumpkins, mums and gourds.  My personal fall favorite is seeing the corn and soybean fields in Missouri turning golden brown.  This signifies one thing: it’s time for harvest.

I often argue with my coworkers because I know I have the best job in the company. And one main reason is because of the crop updates I host throughout the planting and harvest seasons. It doesn’t get much better than traveling across the country, meeting new people and talking about agriculture.

For those of you who haven’t seen my harvest or planting updates from the field, I travel to a different state each week and talk to farmers about how planting or harvest is progressing. I then compare their responses to the Weekly USDA Crop Progress Report. We post the videos on the Monsanto Website, as well as the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts.

Not only do I get to see different ag geographies, but I meet the most interesting people along the way. And that information isn’t always included or captured in the weekly videos.

We’re going to change that this year by providing you with a “behind the scenes view” of what goes on each week. If there is an interesting conversation I have with a grower before I turn the camera on, or if something embarrassing happens to me during my travels (which happens more times than not), I’ll keep you updated.

2 Responses to “Tyne’s Boots Were Made for Travelin’”

  1. Norman Riley Says:


    You do an excellent job on your reports. Never knew I met such a talented colleague when we played golf last year! Your reports are important annoucements that our employees can read about and use in dialogue to family and friends that see negative media reported on Monsanto. You are our eyes! Keep us posted!


  2. Ginger Berry Says:


    Your videos are amazing and very informative. I always get excited when I see that you have posted a new one. This insight into behind-the-scenes action should be fun, too! What a great idea!

    Awesome job!


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