I’m Looking Forward to This Year’s Adventures…

October 5, 2009

By Tyne Morgan

Tyne shooting a planting update earlier this year.

Tyne shooting a planting update earlier this year.

In my last post, I told you that I would share some “behind the scenes” stories from my adventures in filming Monsanto’s planting and harvest updates. Here’s one such story from my travels last year.

Last year during planting, one of my visits was to Georgia and Alabama. They had received quite a bit of rain, but when you looked at the fields down there, they still looked dry because of the sandy soil. After I interviewed my final farmer for the trip, I decided to drive back in a field to get some additional footage of a corn field. The farmer, whose field I was taping, warned me that it was a little wet and to give him a call if I got stuck. I laughed thinking there was no way I’d get stuck. Well, I videotaped what I needed, and then got in my minivan (which was a rental) to head to the airport. I get in, start the car, put it in drive and what do you know, I go nowhere. I continue to push on the gas and just see a sand/mud mixture flying in my rearview mirror.

My first thought “Oh crap, I’m stuck and I can’t call that farmer to pull me out because I laughed when he told me he would if I needed it.” I continued to try to get myself unstuck… I would put it in reverse, then drive, then reverse, etc. And where did I get? Nowhere. And since I wasn’t about to suck up my pride and call the farmer to come pull my minivan out, I decide to take matters into my own hands. I put back on my boots, rolled my pants up and started digging the sand/mud combo away from my tires which had sunk into the mess.

I came out a complete and total mess but I got myself out and didn’t have to call that farmer.  I even had to stop at a gas station on the way back to the airport in order to look halfway clean for the trip home.

I have several more stories I could share and plan to do so throughout the 2009 harvest season. So, stay tuned and look forward to stories (or mishaps) similar to that one and more during this year’s harvest season.

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