The Ups and Downs of Traveling

November 19, 2009

By Tyne Morgan

Tyne uses her muscles of steel to pry open the elevator.

Tyne uses her muscles of steel to pry open the elevator.

What is your biggest fear? Maybe it’s having a close encounter with a venomous snake or getting bit by a shark. But if it’s getting stuck in an elevator by yourself, I recently experienced it firsthand.

Let me preface this by telling you I thought I was stuck in an elevator once before. My father worked at the courthouse, so after school that became a second home for my sister and me. I think I was 5 or so and using the elevator in the building was nothing unusual for us. But this time, we got in and nothing happened. Needless to say we freaked out. We pressed the call button numerous times just to discover once they opened it that we’d never pressed the button for the third floor to begin with. I think practically all the employees at the courthouse came out to see what the commotion was about. Needless to say, this is one of my most embarrassing moments.

Last week in  West Lafayette, Indiana when I pressed the button for the third floor and nothing happened, I automatically said to myself: “Oh no, not again.” To ensure I had indeed pressed the button, I went ahead and hit the button for every floor — but nothing happened.

Then I tried to come up with a game plan. What do I do? Do I press the call button? No, that would just bring unwanted attention to the situation. Do I wait it out? I tried that for a little while, but I don’t have much patience, so that didn’t last long.
What seemed like 20 minutes was probably more like 5. I had even started sweating a little bit just because I was so nervous… not freaking out nervous (yet), just getting a bit anxious.

So then I decided to try and pry the door open myself. It was quite heavy but the first time I tried, it worked a little. So, then I tried again. I was so focused on getting the door open and excited I was finally escaping, I didn’t notice the elevator had actually gone down a little bit (probably about 6 inches).  Just as I was feeling like I had conquered the world and felt a bit like Superwoman, I stepped out, tripped and fell. Yes, FELL! Only I would do something like that. (By the way, I left those details out to many people I told, including my colleagues). And to top it all off, there was a lady outside the elevator who witnessed it all.

During the planting season earlier this year, I had to dig myself out of a field and now at harvest, I just got trapped in an elevator and then fell (go figure) getting out. I sure am glad these travels are about over for 2009… I don’t know if my pride can take much more of this.

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2 Responses to “The Ups and Downs of Traveling”

  1. Ryan Murphy Says:

    After getting know Tyne, I find it hard to believe that anything weird like that would happen to her.

  2. Barbara Kyker Says:

    Maybe we all need to write a JSA on how to respond to a stuck elevator, let’s contact safety!

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