Meet the Bloggers: Being Blessed with the Opportunity to Learn

November 23, 2009

When I joined Monsanto five years ago, I had little notion of what I was getting myself into. I grew up in the St. Louis area, and the Monsanto name was well known in the community, but I would venture that most people still thought of Monsanto as a company that made carpet fibers, industrial chemicals and yes, even AstroTurf. However, thanks to my father who was an ag chemistry salesperson for many yers with a competing company, I knew Monsanto for what it is today – an agricultural business.

What I didn’t know was much about agriculture or science for that matter. I also didn’t know much about the corporate world, having spent the early part of my career in government and non-profit environments.

Breeding, biotechnology (GMOs), tillage, germplasm, traits, glyphosate (or glysophate as I called it for about two months)…..these were all foreign terms to me. I had to ask a lot of questions along the way of people with much more knowledge and experience. Luckily, my colleagues, farmers, and the ag industry as a whole were more than willing to share because they were passionate about the work they were doing and desperate to communicate with people about that work.

After only a few months of working here, I was ashamed that I did not know more about where my food comes from and how it is produced. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to learn, and I’m looking forward to learning more as I read posts from my fellow bloggers.

What will I be writing about? I’ll be sharing some of the latest developments from Monsanto, giving context to some of the announcements and projects we’re working on behind the news headlines and articles you read. I’ll also try to answer your questions about why we do what we do. I’ll be relying on those more experienced and knowledgeable colleagues I mentioned earlier when I need help understanding a topic or issue. Over time, I hope they may join us here on the blog to talk directly with you.

I also lead our social media team here at Monsanto so you may see posts from time to time about how agriculture is using social media to connect with the public.

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