Farmers Love Data!

December 14, 2009

Cotton farmer George Anderson of Midland, Texas takes notes on the Deltapine Class of 10

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting in a meeting room… got here at 8 a.m. and we will be running until the afternoon.  As the speakers have taken the stage or videos hit the screen, I’m reminded of how important data is to farmers.

The data presented today is on cotton – yield, fiber quality, disease resistance, etc.

The reality I see routinely strikes me again so early in the morning.  These guys were chatting, trading stories one minute.  Next minute, they are sitting in a room with pen and paper running & gunning.  Why?  There is data to be discussed.

The folks in the room participated in the 2009 New Product Exposure plots.  These farmers put the latest candidates Deltapine had to the test on their farms.  Most of them had Class of 10 candidates right alongside the varieties they have liked most on their farm, as well as a few varieties from the Class of 09.  So when the data from the 2009 season hit the screen, they opened notebooks and grabbed pens.

Yep, these folks are serious.  These varieties are something they know and want to see how they performed on other farms.  Of course, this meeting was a chance for them to learn for the first time what candidates were becoming the Class of 10 varieties.

The questions come to mind too.

One farmer says “I noticed…. on my farm” and he wondered if anyone else did too.  Another grower missed a comment about a variety…. Asked his neighbor, “did they say that was an indeterminant variety?”

They are taking close notes…   How did it do in my region?  How’s it look compared to the varieties we usually plant in my area?  That’s what this weekend is about.  Sharing the information each of these growers helped gather and they are looking for ways to improve their farms productivity and profitability.  Glad to say I think we have the products that offer that potential.

Once the presentations were done… the other questions come to the group as a whole.  Around planting and plant types…. “What planting populations are folks using?”  And then there is “What about the other seven varieties we had?  Will they be looked at again?”

Our sales and marketing team is focused on the Class of 10 and the Class of 09.  And the technical team is looking at what we’ll call the candidates for the Class of 11.  The potential for productivity could well keep growing!

The press on the Deltapine Class of 10 can be accessed  here.

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    All sensible people love data!

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