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January 6, 2010

By Jillian

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I never imagined that I would learn about fashion at the Beltwide Cotton Conference. Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW where my clothes come from and what they are made of, but Cotton Inc. has surprised me again.

If you are anything like me, you have seen the colorful t-shirts with the Cotton logo on the back. Everyone seems to have one. This morning, during the Cotton Production Conference at Beltwide, I learned more about Cotton Inc. whose logo is emblazoned on the back of each shirt and what they have done this past year. They are WAY more involved in the fashion world than I ever imagined.

cotton logo
Cotton Inc.

Besides conducting ongoing research on cotton sustainability and degradability, Cotton Inc. has promoted cotton products as a more comfortable and economic choice. Cotton Inc. has also reached out to recycle cotton products, especially blue jeans. Below are the top 5 ways Cotton Inc. is challenging the public to take a second look at cotton:

1. The Fabric of Our Lives

There is nothing better than singing your favorite song while wearing your favorite outfit. The Fabric of Our Lives features Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Lambert and Jazmine Sullivan as they express how cotton is the fabric of their life through song. Each artist has an interactive page that lets users explore the artist’s unique styles.

2. Cutting Cost with Cotton

Cutting Costs offers advice on how dress for less, whether you are looking for the perfect outfit for a night on the town or back-to-school clothes for children.

3. Storm Denim

Storm Denim, a feature on Cutting Costs, is a water repellant technology designed to weather the storm. This segment of Cutting Cost shows how effectively it works.

4. Cotton from Blue to Green

From Blue to Green gained national attention when National Geographic Kids set the Guinness World Record for Most Items of Clothing Collected for Recycling in August. Over 33,000 denim items were collected and donated to Cotton Inc.’s program which recycles denim into UltraTouch, a natural cotton insulation used to restore and rebuild homes damaged by natural disasters.

5. Cotton on Facebook

That’s right, Cotton is now on Facebook. Cotton Inc. uses Facebook to update fans on stylish cotton items and features monthly giveaways. Cotton’s profile also features updates from The Fabric of Our Lives.


In my research after this morning’s session, I found another website sponsored by Cotton Inc. that was not mentioned this morning. I found it absolutely hilarious… and so true. I just had to share.

To read more about Beltwide and college student Jillian’s adventures, check out her posts at Beyond the Shows.

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