Farmers: Environmentalists That Are Making a Difference

February 11, 2010

I spend time each day looking through online farm publications. I have a list that I follow, ranging from news aggregators to the web versions of farm magazines, and I’m usually looking for so-called “hard news.”

Recently, I was looking at Indiana Prairie Farmer, and I almost passed this headline by: Five Farm Families Receive Conservation Awards. But I clicked on the link, and found a story about five farm families being honored by the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. The names were listed, and then I wondered, were any of them our customers? And if so, what kind of story might they tell?

So I checked. And it turns out that four of the five are Monsanto customers. It’s not that we or our products have anything necessarily to do with their conservation efforts; farmers are committed to conservation and sustainable agriculture no matter whom they buy their seed, chemicals and fertilizer from. But their stories might tell us something about why they do what they do.

It turns out they have some fascinating stories to tell, and we’ll be posting about them on our internal web as well as on (I’ll post a note here when the story goes live.)  But to give you some idea: one I marking his 50th anniversary farming this year; another is a no-till advocate; a third is focused on water quality; and the fourth operates his farm as a system and uses a variety of conservation practices, including stream bank stabilization.

So our congratulations to Bob Brewington of Versailles, Dennis Dickman of Greensburg, Robert Dunbar of Jamestown, and Stewart Kellerman of Romney. And also to Kenneth, Richard and Jim Lange of Ferdinand, who aren’t our customers but are committed to sustainable agricultural practices – which transcends competitive concerns.

2 Responses to “Farmers: Environmentalists That Are Making a Difference”

  1. Karly Says:

    Of course four of the five winners of those awards are Monsanto customers. Indiana Prairie Farmer sponsored the Farm Conservation awards for twenty years, but this year, for the first time, they were co sponsored by Indiana Farm Bureau Inc, a member of the American Farm Bureau Federation, who co-produced “America’s Heartland” along with Monsanto. Here’s the full article… …I’m sure we can expect to see Monsanto customers “winning” these awards for many years to come.

    • Glynn Says:

      Here’s the response.

      Thanks for the comment. I think. But the connection you’re suggesting here is a stretch. The story didn’t mention Monsanto; we don’t sponsor these awards. And the awards were about what the farmers did — not whose customers they were.

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