Online Coverage of the USDA/DOJ Workshop

March 12, 2010

Seven hundred people are expected at today’s joint USDA/DOJ workshop on “Issues of Concern to Farmers,” in Ankeny, Iowa. Event organizers are answering questions and completing last-minute preparations. There is a lot of anticipation and wonder over what today will look like.

I landed yesterday in a still wintry Des Moines and will be one of the hundreds in the audience. I will be tweeting live coverage of the panels via my Twitter account @mica_MON using the hashtag #agworkshop. You can also get twitter coverage via our corporate account @MonsantoCo.

The law bloggers at Truth on the Market have announced they will be live blogging the event.

You can find an agenda for the workshop here.

For more information on the USDA/DOJ workshop visit the USDA/DOJ workshop portion of the website.

For a complete look at competition in the seed industry, please visit or click on “A Look at the Seed Industry” from the homepage of

2 Responses to “Online Coverage of the USDA/DOJ Workshop”

  1. jeff tyburski Says:

    is this event webcast or televised anywhere?


    • Kathleen Says:


      The workshop will not be televised or available via webcast. However, the USDA said there will be a transcript of the workshop available eventually. News reports, twitter and following blogs such as the ones above are probably your best bet.

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