The Perfect Week to Thank a Farmer, National Agriculture Week

March 16, 2010

As someone that didn’t grow up in agriculture (the closest I got was the 5 cow dairy farm up the street from my subdivision) I seldom thought about the importance of farming in my everyday life before I graduated college. Now that I work for Monsanto, I have had the opportunity to meet with farmers and I understand more about the challenging yet rewarding occupation these men and women have chosen.

National Agriculture Week (March 14-20) is an opportunity to connect to the people that are supplying the world with their food, fuel and fiber. Anyone who has ever met a farmer can tell you that they are more than willing to open up their home and their farm to anyone who is interested in learning more about agriculture. I know personally, they have talked my eager-to-learn ear off about it!

While I recommend visiting a farm soon, it is as easy as going online to learn more about ag. You can find a list of sites below that feature farming and focus on National Agriculture Week. From blogs to Facebook, Twitter to YouTube, and even a photo contest, folks in the ag industry are happy and excited to share their day to day lives with anyone. While you are visiting these sites leave a comment and thank a farmer for all that they provide for this country.

Farmers! In honor of National Agriculture Week, tell me, why are you a farmer?

National Ag Week – Farm Bureau Blog

Happy Ag Week! – AgWired

Share Your Ag Advocacy Ideas – Cause Matters Facebook Page

Online Ag Photo Contest – Westfield Insurance

Celebrating an Ag Week Anniversary – Capital Press Blog

NE Governor National Ag Week Flyaround – Nebraska Farm Bureau Facebook Page

Syngenta to Mark Ag Week – Triad Business Journal

Ways to Say Thanks: National Ag Week – Nutridense A BASF Blog

Amazing American Agriculture – Corn Commentary

It’s National Ag Week – North Carolina Dept. of Ag Blog

Time for a Party – Gate to Plate Blog by Michele Payn-Knoper

Kansas Grains

National Ag Day – South Carolina Agricultural Council

Agriculture Celebrates – Ad Mavericks

Celebrate Ag Week – Fastline Blog

Thank a Farmer – South Dakota Corn

American Agriculture: Abundant. Affordable. Amazing – Indiana Dairy

Celebrating Agriculture – Advocates for Ag

Today’s Farmer – HyMark High Spots

3 Responses to “The Perfect Week to Thank a Farmer, National Agriculture Week”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Thanks for including us on your post regarding National Ag Week! This is a great reason for us all to celebrate agriculture! We’ve been getting some great entries in the Westfield Ag Photo Contest this week and are looking forward to receiving more as the week progresses!

  2. Thanks for including NutriDense from BASF Plant Science on your National Ag Week blog post. National Ag Week is an extremely important time; farming – whether it’s with dairy cows, grain, swine or any of the other commodities and animals cared for around the world – is a tough job. And thanks to all those involved in agriculture for everything they do. Thanks for visiting our blog and including us on your listing.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Thanks for the list of website celebrating agriculture. I’m a huge “agvocate” and look forward to visiting all of them!

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